Overall League tables 2022 
***Please advise of any mistakes in the 1st 6 places in each category to admin@westyorkshireathletics.org.uk 
Team Races
For Junior Teams, clubs must have had complete teams at least 3 races.
For Senior Teams, clubs must have had complete teams all 4 races.
Clubs are ranked according to number of Team Points Scored.
The Team Scores are used in the case of tie-breaks.
In the Senior Races, the separate categories (JW/SW/W35/W40/etc and
   JM/SM/M35/M40/etc) are considered as though they had been separate races
   e.g. the first M50 in the Senior Race scores a race position of 1.
   Individuals are ranked according to their race positions.
999 means an athlete has not competed in a race.